The project has three phases.

The preparation phase lasted from January to June 2011. The methodology and groups of associated experts had been established. The Group of Rapporteurs, consisting of experts who are responsible for individual thematic groups, was created. Discussion groups made up of other experts from private and public sphere were established around individual Rapporteurs. The Advisory Group made up of personalities from academic, business and public life was also set up. It serves as a feedback group that helps to guide the general direction of the project. During this phase the Rapporteurs were given the parameters of the first sector-focused studies that would serve kick-off text upon which the project build in the next phases.

The second phase starts in October 2011 with the public launch of the project. The project website is launched too. A public debate on long-term strategies is initiated, supported by media partners and associated discussion events organized by project partners. Discussion groups meet over several round-tables to debate the initial studies written by Rapporteurs. The goal of these round-tables is to find cross-cutting themes and slowly erase artificial sectoral boundaries between each group in order to launch more cross-disciplinary enquiry in 2012. That year, another series of round-tables takes place, this time not limited by sectoral approach.

The final third phase of the project consists of writing the final study (2013). This comprehensive study will build on all previous particular outputs of the project (the initial studies and round-tables outcomes as well as associated public seminars and debates organized within the framework of the project). The paramount effort will be channeled into writing the final study in a comprehensible yet fact-based way that would connect individual sectoral findings of the project into a single powerful narrative – the new course for the transformation of the Czech society.



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